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8 Resources for Women Learning to Code

8 Resources for Women Learning to Code

In today's tech world, we are still seeing a lot of women shying away from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) industries. I'm not really sure how or why this happened quite to the degree that it has, but it is slowly beginning to change. 

As a result of a lack of women in the field, we have seen many apps/websites that are geared toward men. Sure, there are a ton of apps out there for women, but how many of them were actually created by a women with all of their needs in mind.

 Graphic Designer Angela Cordon said it perfectly, "If there is only one kind of person creating 'programs/applications,' then they are only creating for that one kind of person." This is finally changing and we are starting to see more women who want to create things for themselves.

Women are ready to become empowered and begin coding things that matter to them. Meet-ups, dev bootcamps, and other programs have begun to spring up all around that focus entirely on women who want to learn to code.

Here is an amazing list of resources that have popped up that exclusively teach women how to code.
Mother Coders @MotherCoders
Mother Coders is a tech oriented program that provides on-site childcare for moms who want to learn the basics of programming, expand their understanding of the technology landscape, and network with peers, and industry professionals.
MotherCoders was founded by Tina Lee, who as a mom herself, understands the challenges moms face when wanting to gain new technical skills. Offering a on-site childcare is an innovative way of helping moms gain access to the technical skills necessary to thrive.

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